Le citta'

___Publication design
This project investigates the reason behind why the majority of young people do not keep up with the news? and to what extend young people are curious about what is happening somewhere else?
The collected data & research were presented visually using typography in the form of captured images (using different camera formats) in order to convey the way we receive news. My method relied on the idea of presenting the news as a memory triggered by the moving image sequences of an event.
The newspaper presents different people, thoughts and opinions. Each page is a different experience, the layout design gives the feeling of a newspaper but in a typographical imagery way as a narrative tool.
Alongside the publication, the collected data was presented in an interactive way through the posters & the module.
The design process started with a survey, to see how many people are up to date with the current affairs & why. After analysing the data, the results allowed me to categorise young people to seven groups.